Disciples of Worship is a community of worshipers from different nations who want to be discipled in worship and disciple others in worship, releasing their unique sound and gifts to reach their sphere of influence in the world. 

Disciples of Worship offers worship schools, seminars, online courses, worship team mentoring, and occasional mission trips. It is based in Norway.  

Disciples of Worship was founded by Mary Elizabeth Kolsrud. With a passion for music and missions and a call to disciple the nations in worship, Mary Elizabeth embarked on a journey moving to Norway from America in early 2012 as a "musicianary." 


Mary Elizabeth Kolsrud is a songwriter, worship pastor, trainer, best-selling author and founder of Disciples of Worship.

Author of books: Ekte og Ærlig Tilbedelse & Worshipers Rising. Scandinavian regional director for Sounds of the Nations.

Mary Elizabeth has a bachelor degree of Worship Ministry and serves as the music director in her local church, Norkirken Sandefjord. She is an American & Norwegian woman and is married to a Norwegian, Ole Martin, and together have two children.

Mary Elizabeth is passionate about training worshipers in the nations to see them rise up in their unique sound and identity in worship. She loves to collaborate & build networks between churches and worshipers around the world.

 Core values 

God´s Presence

We have a strong value for the Presence of God in worship. From the different tabernacles in the Old Testament to today with the Holy Spirit dwelling in us as His living temples, we see how God loves to dwell amongst us and desires to manifest His glory. Worship is all about Jesus, and when we worship Him with the priority of His Presence, the Holy Spirit breaths more revelation of Who He is in our hearts to know and worship Him even more.  Worship is the key to see transformation in nations by hosting His Presence.  When we worship in Spirit, we hear His voice, we can follow His lead and He can ultimately have His way. That is our goal. Worship is what we were created for and the mission we live for: that every nation, tribe and tongue will worship Him for all eternity. 


We have a strong value for discipleship, as Jesus said to "Go and make disciples." We believe discipleship is an important key to see more true worshipers rise up in nations, carrying the Presence of God, and then releasing others in their authentic worship, gifts and calling. "Be Discipled and disciple others" is our motto. Through our worship schools, online courses, and mentoring programs we are discipling worshipers in different nations. We love to support individuals, worship teams, and churches to advance their worship to new levels. 

Music & Missions

We believe that worship also has an important role in evangelism. When we lift Jesus up in our praises in an area, we enthrone Him in that place and give room for His Spirit to go before us and draw hearts to the truth of the Gospel. (John 6:44)  We also believe that each nation and culture carries a unique side of God´s glory in their sound and language that God desires to be released in the worship. As a part of the Sounds of the Nations network, our goal is to impact nations, regions, and cultures by hearing and releasing the song of the Lord through the sound of the people.  The song of the Lord is the expression of what God is saying over regions and people groups. We believe there is transformational power when heaven is heard through the native tongue and instruments of the local people.

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