NEW ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM with Sounds of the Nations is placed on hold for 2016 and we hope to continue it again shortly after revision.

Email us if you are interested in future participation. 


We have launched an online training program right here in Scandinavia & Europe, that provides a place for those who have a heart to see the sound of their nation restored and released in worship. We believe the arts hold God-given power and influence to change the way entire people groups think. Not only that, but we also believe they have the power to set and change atmospheres over geographical regions. Our desire is to disciple and equip worshippers, young & old, so they can grow to their full potential and carry the flame of God's presence in their area. Our dream is to see the creative worshippers in Europe step into this kind of influence and power in the Spirit to see the spiritual blindfolds fall off people's eyes, hearts of stone become flesh, broken homes restored, businesses blessed, city’s and regions released into their unique destiny, and the sound of our nations erupting in harmony with heaven! As a team we have been traveling through Scandinavia to the small places and cities equipping people in worship on a practical level. Now with this online training program people have an opportunity to be weekly equipped while being a part of a community of worshippers around Europe. 


We have the unique privilege of partnering with Sounds of the Nations. SOTN is a global mission founded by our friend and mentor Dan McCollam. Dano was called many years ago to transform nations by raising-up authentic ethnic expressions of worship in the style, sound, and language of the local people. From humble beginnings the Lord has grown SOTN into a community that has studios, worship artists, and training partners in many countries around the world. Because of this awesome partnership with SOTN, Disciples of Worship students will have the ability to link in with global partners and SOTN interns from around the world. There is also be the option of joining SOTN on a mission trip and/or recording project. We want you to have the ability to gain field experience so you know first-hand the great joys and challenges of redeeming sounds in the nations. Disciples of Worship Training Program is made up of 4 courses. The courses are designed to be able to take on in addition to a full time job or student life as it only demands 2-3 hours per week to complete the requirements. During the 8 months of training, we will have 2 weekend retreats for some relational time, personal feedback, ministry and additional training. These weekends are also your chance to hangout and interact face-to-face with others doing the DOW courses. 

There are several opportunity's available for those who successfully complete DOW's 8 month course.


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