" Courses "


Plato once said, "Give me the songs of a generation and I'll change the way that generation thinks!" As Disciples of Worship, we believe this is true of creative arts on the whole. We long to see a body of worshippers that understand and operate in the fullness of this for the sake of His Kingdom covering the earth. Partnering with Sounds of the Nations we have the priveledge to release these online courses and be a part of a community of lead worshippers & world changers from around the world as we experience cities, regions, & nations transformed by God's Presence as we learn to host Him wherever we go. These courses are designed to not just be for knowlege but experiential knowledge and learn by doing. You will have assignements to apply things into your lifestyle throughout the courses in practical ways to learn to be a carrier of God's Presence. 


Course 1 - God Vibrations

 This course explores the scientific and supernatural impact of sound on every level of human consciousness as well as the physical and spiritual universe around us. This course brings insight and a fresh Biblical perspective to our understanding of sound around us as well as the sound and song we have inside us. We want to impact the environment around us with understanding how God created the gift of music He has given us. 
(Suggested Reading: The Physics of Heaven, Judy Franklin.) 


Course 2 - Redeeming a Sound

This is a course of theological background for why the restoration of sounds, musical styles and art forms is important to God. The second half of the course gives practical “how-to” instruction on redeeming sounds within specific geographical and demographic groups. You will have the opportunity to write a project proposal for redeeming the sounds & expressions of a specific ethnic or demographic group. 


Course 3-  Songwriting/ Painting 

You will have the choice to choose between the songwriting & painting streams. Students will learn the art of writing songs or painting in a worship context. In this very practical course, you be learning how to add this to your lifestyle. You will learn the makeup of songs or painting and how you can express what's on God's heart as well as the people's heart and what to put on people's lips or eyes as a servant in worship. You will be taught the power and importance of incorporating ethnic sounds and language as well as ethnic art expressions to see cultures redeemed. There may be other "streams" to choose instead of songwriting such as dance available in the future. 

Course 4- Worship Leadership & Discipleship
In this course we will dive deeper into the heart of worship understanding our identity & lifestyle as a worshipper, what the Bible says about how to worship, and how we can engage other people in worship.You will be equipped in practical worship leading from how to lead a band or team to creating flow to practical music dynamics. Discipleship is our heartbeat to seeing carriers of God's presence multiplied. We will also be training you how to disciple others and to live a life of discipleship as "a sheep and a shepherd".