"Mary is a world changer! She's served with us at Teen Mania Ministries for 7 years and has been a vital piece to our ministry through training up & leading an army of worshipers in the School of Worship. She is a great worship leader, teacher, songwriter, visionary, and most importantly an authentic worshiper. God is now taking her influence to the next level through birthing the ministry "Disciples of Worship," raising up worshipers throughout the nations. I recommend churches across the world to take advantage of what Mary is offering through this worship ministry."

Ron Luce
Garden Valley, TX
President & Founder of Teen Mania Ministries

"I have met Mary in Norway two-three times a year for the last three years. She is a real worshiper in Spirit and in truth and I recognize her strong calling to help worshippers in Norway to arise and take their position. She already has extensive experience in making disciples of worship through some years of leading Teen Mania's worship track in USA. She writes good songs and has a wonderful voice together with a clear emphasize on a holy lifestyle. Personally I think she stands out in her passion to wait on God and put her own aside to be able to meet people where they are at and serve them in a way that produces lasting fruit. I strongly recommend her ministry."

Lars Petter Berg
Oslo, Norway House of Prayer Leader
Lovsang.no Board Member & cofounder
Oboe, Principal at The Norwegian National Opera Orchestra