31 January- 3 February- Sounds of the Nations Global Burn-

Vacaville, CA USA


28-30 March- Kleppe, Norway  Seminars & Worship Evening

9-21 April- Germany Worship Mission


23-27 July- Arctic Northern People Conference, Laksjohka, Norway


12-14 September- Mysen, Norway Frikirke


3-14 October- Melbourne, Australia-  Sounds of the Nations Prophetic Arts Conference


7-9 November- Kasfjord, Norway Prayer Conference

14-16 November- SOTN Europe Retreat - Hurdal, Norway


         2015 Events:



20-22 March- In His Image Worship School- Sandnes, Norway


25 March- 5 April- DOW Germany Worship Mission


24-26 April- SOTN Europe Retreat- Hurdal, Norway 


22-26 July - Sounds of the Nations Arctic North Conference- Laksjohka, Norway 






 2014 Events: