We believe that every nation has a unique finger print of God, reflecting a special facet of His glory to shine throughout the earth. We also believe that God has given each nation a unique sound of worship to express their love to God. As disciples of worship, we want to help provoke the nations to lift up their own song to the Lord through their cultural expression. Many times we see nations trying to copy the Western culture style of worship, but if everyone is trying to be like the West then who is going to be them? God wants every nation & every tongue to praise Him in the special way He has created them to shine forth His glory.  Then we will see Christ  more fully! 


As our goal is ALL the nations, yet our primary focus has been Europe, specifically Norway. We believe that Norway has God's special attention right now and will be used to spark revival throughout Europe. The spiritual wells of Europe have been dry too long, God is ready to pour out His Spirit & awaken hearts to His presence. Europe along with Asia are the 2 continents with the least Evangelical Christians, holding only 4%. Yet that tide is about to change...  


Our mission is to ignite worship on the hearts & the lips of the nations by raising up disciples of worship to prepare the way of the Coming King so that knowledge of the glory of the Lord may fill the earth. 


Our aim is to bring people to encounter the Living God & to disciple leaders in worship. As Jesus left us with the Great Commission to "Go therefore, and make disciples of every nation," that is our mission. We are using the instruments God has put in our hands to awaken people to their purpose of existence.... WORSHIP!  Our heart is to inspire the Body of Christ to walk out in the fullness of their calling so the world may see Christ more fully.  Whether that is through discipling church congregations, worship teams, or the lost on the streets through worship evangelism, God has given us this mission!


In today's world, the praise in worship in our churches has come to a new dimension. We've recognised there's a need of equpping people in the knowledge & understanding of the purpose of worship. In some churches we see many people come into praise & worship expecting to be entertained by the music. On the other hand you have many churches  just starting to put worship teams together but are lacking in direction or how to engage their congregation in worship.  


By equipping worship teams  & church congregations, our goal is to help people bring forth authentic worship & praise to our God who is so worthy of it all.  For our authentic worship to God is the reward of His sacrifice.